Alumni Picnic

Posted by Morgan, Lynn on Jul 06, 2017
                                   ALUMNI PICNIC
DG Barry Fraser (an alumnus) is encouraging all clubs to scour the history of their club  to locate alumni that have been sponsored in the various programs and projects of  our great district, RI District 6380.  Among the busy dates of the new Rotary Year, August 6, the first Sunday in August, is designated for the first official function of the District Alumni Committee.  
Yes, it is short notice, but you are all encouraged to sign up and attend this first event.  It is important to all of us in District 6380 to collect the details of our club's involvement in Rotary programs.  It is true that many are out of the area.  What is also true is that there are alumni who are in our area who haven't been introduced to our District.  At any rate, to begin with, there is a list on the RI website in the area of managing your club that identifies people who have been in programs of Rotary, thereby helping us know who they are and some information related to them as Alumni.
Here is some specific direction for you to access that list to look for your club's alumni.  Go to RI website,   Clic on My Rotary (at the top of the page).  On the Dashboard, sign in to My Rotary, clic on Manage, and select Club and District Admin, Clic on Reports then scroll down to Alumni.  Clic on the Report and you should be in the information.  The navigation seems to be fairly friendly and quick.  The details as listed can be filtered in several ways to save you some time.  The filters on my screen are above the form as drop downs, so I would recommend you try to use the filters to show all years, by club (clic on your club name) and you should be very close to narrowing your search directly to your club's information.
You will note that there is a significant amount of missing information.  We would very much like to clean that up to a great degree, however, we also recognize that the discovery of the individual may be very difficult.  For example, I personally tried to track down a young lady who was my first Interact Club President at Harrison High School in Farmington Hills.  She was involved in Interact and RYLA in the time frame of 1988-1992.  I have not been able to confirm her yet.  But, with that, I am very interested in getting your story of how you located alumni of your club.
The database is set up to gather information from the following programs;  Ambassadorial Scholars, Group Study Exchanges, Interact, Rotaract, Peace Scholars,  Scholarships, Rotary Volunteers, Youth Exchanges, RYLA, Vocational Training Teams, and other.  Please look to correct any erroneous information.  I'll help you 
if you have a problem contacting RI with the updates.
With this, I hope you will find and bring your alumni to the District Alumni Picnic on August 6.  There will be other information about it following soon.  But we are trying to keep it simple.