My Fellow Rotarians,District Governor Bala Murthy

As part of my governor visits to many of our clubs, I have met so many Rotarians who are the movers and shakers in our communities and making an impact as People of Action.

It’s been a whirlwind of club visits so far, including club visits to Mount Clemens, Ridgetown, Dresden, Blenheim, Chatham Sunrise, Tilbury, Chatham, Sterling Heights, Livingston Sunrise, Eastpointe, Motorcycling Rotarians, Ypsilanti, Oxford, Bloomfield Hills, Fowlerville and Dexter. …Whew!.

I truly enjoyed meeting and inducting new Rotarians and tried to understand what moves them. Congratulations to Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor West, Auburn Hills, Birmingham, Chelsea, Fowlerville, Howell, Lake Orion Sunrise, Livingston Sunrise, Milford, Motorcycling Rotarians, and Troy for inducting new members in August. We added a total of 15 new members in August alone. What a great way to continue our Rotary year! My sincere thank you and appreciation for all Paul Harris recipients who continue to believe in the Rotary Foundation with their generous donations…know that your generosity allows us to continue to do our projects.

ONE ROTARY SUMMIT - September 17th 2022










On Saturday, Sep. 17th, D6380 hosted the One Rotary Summit which was well attended by Rotarians across many, many clubs. District Trainer (DT) and PDG Karen Gabrys moderated a panel discussions which included District Foundation Chair (DRFC) Ashish Sarkar, District Membership Chair (DMC) Roma Murthy and District Public Image Chair (DPIC) Kat Dooley. Each of our panelists shared the value of their teams and how they connect to enhance Rotary International image in our communities. Posted several FB videos on Saturday, which was watched and many joined on FB Live.

This all-day summit consisted of breakout sessions, where lively and passionate discussion were held to connect what we do in Rotary to our community needs. Facilitators at these breakout sessions did an outstanding job leading focused discussions resulting in actionable plans. Facilitators included Jane McManus, Lynda Ludy, Mike McManus, Wendy Jones, Rosemarie Rowney, Kat Dooley and Roma Murthy.

Over lunch, DGN Sharna Hatcher and Kellee Miller led the discussions on the Rotary Diversity Equity and Inclusion-DEI (DEIJ) initiatives within our district. DGE Collyer A. Smith participated in all breakout sessions. Please click here to watch our Rotarians People of Action at our summit .

Thanks to Anna Albers and Fouzia Mohsin for welcoming and check in.

Overall the summit was a grand success. Thanks to Rotary Club Of Troy Michigan under the dynamic leadership of President Mahendra Kenkre for hosting this summit.

Operation Pollination - September 10th 2022

As community leaders, please know that our precious pollinators (bees, butterflies, beetles, wasps, etc.) are responsible for the reproductive success of more than 85% of plants on our planet.  Sadly, however, pollinators have declined by more than 45% worldwide since the 1970s.  As concerned citizens, this is unacceptable.  Rotarians, across the globe, are well positioned to help reverse this decline by taking appropriate action.

Operation Pollination is an inclusive framework that enables your Club (or other organization) to recruit a diverse array of organizational partners willing to engage in the framework’s two goals: 1) pollinator habitat restoration, and 2) pollinator education.  It starts out by signing a simple Pollinator Resolution, then a Pollinator Pledge.  Both of these can be found at .  PLEASE CONTACT our District’s Environmental Chair Scott Nelson (Ann Arbor North) to help you develop a plan ( ).

On your Pollinator Pledge, what your Club pledges to do to help pollinators is totally up to you, and no one is coming to check up on you.  This framework is built on our 4-way test.  If you say you’re going to take action, that is up to you.  The organizations you recruit to also sign pledges can be large or small, government or non-government, for-profit or not-for-profit.  What you decide to do is based on your interest, capability, and capacity.  In addition, no judgement is ever made.  From planting a few seeds to restoring a prairie to educating youth about the pollinator issue, all projects are welcome.

In closing, on September 10, 2022, several district governors from surrounding districts and I travelled to Windsor, Ontario to sign an Operation Pollination Pollinator Partnership.  This signing helped launch a project called “The Monarch Butterfly 60,000 Tree Challenge” train boxcar tour – a box car, wrapped as a Monarch Butterfly, that is travelling the route of the Monarch’s famous migration between Canada (Windsor, Ontario) and Mexico (Morelia in Michoacan State) to promote the Monarch and raise funds for winter habitat. 


Youth Exchange Program

Gabriel Naranjo, D6380 Youth Exchange Champion is so happy to share with you what is going on in our Youth Exchange program.  Right now, we are currently accepting applications for OutBound Exchange for the 2023-24 class.  Rotarians that know the right student are encouraged to send them to to complete the first part of the application.  Clubs should be holding their interviews in middle to late October and then they forward on approved applicants onto the District Interviews.  They will be held on Saturday, 5 November (London ONTARIO) for all Canadian applicants, and on the subsequent Saturday, 12 November (Plymouth, MICHIGAN), for all USA applicants.  Times and details will be available for students as we get closer to those dates. 
Gabriel is also happy to announce that all 7 of D6380’s InBound students have arrived.  Hosting Clubs (country of student) are as follows:  Howell (Brazil), Dexter (Finland), Clarkston (Denmark), Livingston Sunrise (Japan), Chatham Downtown (Spain), Blenheim (Taiwan) and Rochester (Mexico).  We had our first Orientation for the students in Plymouth on 10 September, and we got to witness the great Chicken Dinner fundraiser with Plymouth Rotary.  We are looking forward to getting all the students together from the Tri-District group (D6330, D6380, D6400) on 15-16 October in Leamington ONTARIO. 
Clubs that want to participate in RYE but cannot find their way to host a student can become a meal sponsor or an event sponsor.  Contributions will help us cover the cost of facilities or food for the students.  As a sponsor, your club would receive a customized video THANK YOU as made by our very grateful students.  We would also welcome you to stop by the event and get a chance to personally meet the students and take some pictures.  Rotarians that are interested in owning some of the love and lifelong relationships that come with connecting with these amazing future leaders, please reach out to me directly at  and we can discuss in more detail. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ)

Tia Marie Sanders, D6380 Chair shares below the future of DEIJ under her leadership.

1. Helping to clearly define the need for and the definition of DEIJ- Each club will take a Survey that we hope to promote discussion.
This resource was recently shared with me. We will share the areas to focus on when discussing and implementing DEIJ in any institution. example-  

2. Inviting all Rotary clubs in our district to host a DEIJ Open House in November or December 2022. This consists of publicizing how RI and the local clubs have a Statement for DEIJ and inviting the community to attend a rotary event where the Jennifer Jones DEIJ statement is read and shared with the guest. Those clubs will share with the community what their commitment to DEIJ is and how they have planned to engage with diverse groups.
The goal of this is to INTRODUCE ROTARY to diverse populations so that they feel like Rotary is a place for them to join.  

3. I would like to see each club reach out to a racially marginalized group in their city to choose to fundraise for that group's efforts to learn about their difficulties and to do what can be done to help that group. Donate- Time, talent and treasure. 

4. DEIJ investment in YOUTH - Here are the organizations that we have partners within the community 
Sponsor a Local trip with the Black Scroll Network History Tours. - Hosted by Jamon Jordan - Winter 2022/23   

STATE -  Sponsor a student for the annual HBCU field trip. 

INTERNATIONAL - Sponsor a student for the Annual Young People Travel 
Spring 2023

In 2023 -                                                                                                                                           1. Equity Vision board as a club and post the activity on club runner.                                                         2. Workshop - Host a "Conversations on Race Road Show" meeting.                                                 3. Guest Speakers - on DEIJ                                                                                                                         4. Participate in the United way 21 Day Equity Challenge. Leverage the training and printed resources on DEIJ website.                                                                                                                                             5. Host a DEIJ summit- June 2023 via zoom to discuss DEIJ in District 6380. Using the clubs that had the most advancements in DEIJ, for speakers, experiences, and awareness around DEIJ.


In support of World Polio Day on October 24th, District 6380 is rolling out the PolioPlus Society to encourage and recognize Rotarians who help reach the finish line on Polio eradication. In recent months an unvaccinated man in New York was paralyzed, a child in Malawi contracted Polio, and poliovirus was detected in sewage in the UK. We know we can reach a Polio-free world, but only with unwavering continued effort. Rotary donations to the Polio Fund continue to be matched 2-1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Rotary commits to raise $150 million to fight polio every year. Our District can help ramp up efforts through our new PolioPlus Society. You can join this society by donating $100 every year to the RI Polio Fund until polio is eradicated. The PolioPlus Society was started in Oregon several years ago, and later taken up by districts in California. As of December 31st, 2021, they had 4,000 Society members donating $524,000 annually! We in District 6380 are joining the effort. By pledging $100 per year until polio is eradicated, you will be a member of D6380 PolioPlus Society and receive a Certificate, PolioPlus Society lapel pin, and End Polio Now wrist bracelet. Contact PolioPlus Chair, Anne Nauts at, to enroll or to request a speaker at your club.

Kicking off Community Economic and Development Month for October, let us plan events to support!

October 3-9 – Rotary Alumni Reconnect Week

October 24 – World Polio Day

We’ve got busy couple of months ahead mark your calendars and do plan to join your fellow Rotarians:

  1. Oct. 1st, 2022 – Free Bikes for Kids. Collect and/or help refurbish bikes for kids who don’t have bikes. Visit for drop-off sites addresses and to volunteer and learn more. Free Bikes 4 Kids is a nonprofit organization helping all kids ride into a happier healthier childhood by providing bikes to those most in need. In 2021 they collected 2,800 bikes and gave them away to under resourced kids in our community. Over the last four years FB4K helped over 7,300 kids in the metro Detroit area receive a new bike and helmet.  This can only happen with the generosity of  many people like you.On Saturday October 22nd Rotarians will be helping clean and repair donated bikes to be given to needy children this holiday season.  We will be meeting at 2990 Hubbard St., Detroit MI 48210 on Saturday October 22nd from 11am until 2pm.  Please join us in helping to  provide free bikes to needy children in the Detroit area. We need many volunteers. Contact Anna Albers ( ) you are able to help or if you have any questions.
  2. Oct. 16th 2022Detroit Free Press Marathon –Rotary will be hosting several fluid stations and needs our district to come and help distribute water/fluids along the race route. Make this a club project and bring your members, families and friends. We start early and finish early. This will be a truly rewarding experience as runners from all over the world merge into Detroit. Display your club banner to promote Rotary and our EndPolio Now program. October is World Polio Month. Register by clicking
  3. Oct. 17-- Visit to Rotary One in Evanston, IL. Meet & Greet RI President Jennifer Jones and Our Board of Directors and Trustees of The Rotary Foundation– Rotary International Headquarters, Evanston, IL. Please contact Roma Murthy, if you are interested.

  1. Nov. 5th - Foundation & Membership Gala
    - We will be celebrating our new members and all Rotarians who support the Foundations, which means YOU! Please come and join 2018-19 President of RI, Barry Rassin share his dynamic and vibrant message about our Rotary Foundation and membership importance in our organization. Register by clicking
  1. April 2023 – First Three Ladies of Rotary (RI President Jennifer Jones, Imm. RI VP Valarie Wafer, Rotary Foundation Trustee Dean Rohrs) participating in our Day of Service & Giving
  1. April 2023 – RYLA 
  1. May 5th - 7th, 2023 – District Conference in Caesars Palace, Windsor, Ontario.
    Register by clicking and select the "Guest" tab.


Early childhood education in rural America – Grants Opportunity

September is Education and Literacy Month, an opportunity for Rotarians to focus our awareness of literacy and education needs in our own communities and internationally. BELRAG (Basic Education and Literacy Rotary Action Group) and Save the Children are pleased to announce a funding opportunity to support clubs’ innovative approaches to early childhood education in rural America. Projects may support Kindergarten Readiness, 3rd Grade Reading proficiency, and/or 5th grade math proficiency. Please click here to view the recording of the grant criteria and application process.  

These grants offer Rotary Clubs an opportunity to apply to for funding of $5,000-$15,000 for community- based initiatives that support early literacy and numeracy. Up to ten projects will be funded. 
Proposal applications are available 1 September are due 15 October, 2022. For more information, please contact our district champion - Susan McGonegal ( or Carolyn Johnson, Chair, Basic Education & Literacy Rotary Action Group (BELRAG) - ( .

Nominations for Regional or International Service Awards

Honor Rotarians who’ve made outstanding contributions to our polio eradication efforts since 1 November 1992. You can nominate a candidate for either their regional or international work.

Who can nominate a candidate: Rotarians
Nomination deadline: 1 October
Award type: certificate or plaque

To access the survey and view criteria, click here: Note the criteria information link is near the top of the survey.  Eligibility Criteria Form and Online Survey.

Focus your nominations on the candidate’s service to polio eradication above and beyond their appointed or elected roles at Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation. Strengthen your nomination by describing the Rotarian’s years of service and highlighting for example their projects, participation in National Immunization Days, and leadership qualities.

If you need more information, write to


I have made a commitment to all our Presidents and AGs, that I will try to participate in your new member induction and Paul Harris Award presentations if possible. Please reach out to me or our District Executive Secretary Lois Halsted ( )  for scheduling.
Upcoming DG Visits– October 2022
  1. Ann Arbor West – Oct. 3rd  5:30 PM
  2. Royal Oak – Oct. 4th Noon
  3. Milan – Oct. 5th 7:30 AM
  4. Ann Arbor – Oct. 5th - Noon
  5. Milford – Oct. 6th Noon
  6. Chelsea – Oct. 11th 12:15 PM
  7. Anchor Bay (NB-NH) – Oct. 12th – 12:15 PM
  8. Ann Arbor North – Oct. 13th Noon
  9. Howell – Oct. 17th Noon
  10. Lakes Area – Oct. 18th Noon
Remember as you continue to do good in your communities and the world, Happiness in the world begins with you. Take 1 hour each day to take care of yourself in the forms of meditation, yoga, exercise or just a mental retreat for yourself (Inward action). Take another hour in your day to spend with your loved ones, or do a community activity (Outward action). These two hours per day will exudate positive vibes and energy.
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