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Welcome to the first 6380 Newsletter of the 2019/2020 year.  This year we are planning on producing the newsletters every 2-3 months depending on the volume of news articles that are mailed to . Since much of what is included in the newsletter is also posted on the district website, we do encourage you to visit the site often.  We hope to add, over time, information on many of the projects that our clubs have carried out both locally and around the world.  The website should be the place to go to see the extent of the work in which our district has participated.  So, please inundate me with photos, articles and links to the work that your club is doing - or has done over the last several years. 
And, as Danielle Hunter mentioned in her email to members - we now have a District Facebook Page  in addition to our District Facebook Group. A group is more like a discussion and a place where many voices can be heard. In other words, the page is run by the moderator, and is where we make public announcements of all the events and projects that 6380 is carrying out - while the group is where any of us can post anything that they think might be of interest to the membership. Please "like" them both and feel free to send Danielle and me anything that you think would interest people - whether Rotary members or not. 
Peter Tanner
Rotary Connects the World !
Rotary Connects the World in so many great ways, and this year in District 6380 as your District Governor the number one goal is to strengthen and grow Rotary through out our district. 
Increasing the number of assistant governors from 12 to 13 will allow them to serve each club more effectively. The assistant governors will visit the clubs every two months, first to deliver the Rotary International message from President Mark Daniel Maloney. They will work with you and your club presidents, listening to your challenges and sharing what they have experienced during their year as presidents of their clubs. Your assistant Governor will share challenges and ideas learned while visiting other clubs, remember plagiarism is the best form of flattery ! Please welcome and take full advantage of your assistant governors!
Committee chairs have doubled in size and this year they will be known as your ambassadors, Youth Exchange, Interact, Rotaract, Foundation, Polio Plus, Public Image, Membership have all been increased, to better assist your club in serving your communities. Rotary is like a smorgasbord, a smorgasbord of the greatest food for the heart and soul enjoyed around the world. As a Rotarian find what pleases your appetite when it comes to serving your community and enlist the support available. Your District 6380 Ambassadors are ready to serve you. 
Click here for a full list of the 2019-2020 District 6380 Team !
I will be visiting your clubs this year when you feel I can help deliver a strong message in your community, if you and your clubs leadership feel we can make an impactful difference during a service project, fundraiser or a joint community meeting with other organizations like the local chamber of commerce or a different service club then that is when I will visit your club. If your club prefers a traditional club visit when I can share my vision, that is when I will visit your club, whatever we can do to spread the good of Rotary and grow to strengthen our clubs, is where I want to focus my energy, as a result our foundation and opportunities to serve and do good in the world will naturally follow.
Together we see a world, where People unite and take action to Create lasting Change across the globe in our communities and in ourselves!
RYLA 2020
RYLA 2020 is going to be our best program yet!
RYLA 2020 is going to be our best RYLA yet. Not only will we have the best program for youth in your communities, but we are heading back to the home of RYLA.  After a six year absence, RYLA will be heading to the University of Guelph's Ridgetown Campus in Ridgetown, Ontario. We are looking forward to hosting over 100 youth for the US and Canada, and immersing them into an interactive leadership experience. The program is designed to help each participant find their leadership potential and give them the tools to be a confident leader back in the communities.  
RYLA 2020 will be held on April 24-26.  The cost of the program will be $225 for US students and $250 for Canadians students.  A bus service will be provided to transport the American students to Ridgetown for just $15 per student.  If students are riding on the bus, they will not need a passport to cross the border.
If you have any questions or need more information, please contact RYLA Chairman, Jim Adams, at or at (248) 330-4449.
District News - September 2019
Jay Eastman
First Arch Klumph Society member in District 6380
District News August 2019
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Casa Colibrƍ Annual Report released
Golf Outing - Warren
Cajun Seafood Festival
World Polio Day Community Fundraiser - Ann Arbor
Peace in the Streets
RCAA Satellite Update
The Troy Rotary Foodies ā€˜Nā€™ Fun cookbook filled to the brim with the best recipes from the best chefs in our community - and we need your favorite recipes!
Click on the image for the form and more information
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for the Rochester Rotary annual charity Golf Outing to benefit Mental and Emotional Health Service Initiative led by the Rochester Community Schools Foundation and other local Health Service Organizations. 
Mental health is a growing and under-served need both across the nation and in our own community. Depression and anxiety are epidemic among our youth and teen suicide is on the rise. Help us fight back and provide the resources they need to grow up healthy in mind and body.
Not a golfer? Become a HOLE SPONSOR! There is only 6,745 yards of fairway to display the Hole Sponsor signs. So, please sign up quickly because space is limited!!! 
Online registration with credit card option can be found at:
An amazing group of ambassadors from D6380; SE Michigan and SW Ontario getting ready to return to  Mexico, Taiwan, Germany, France, Ecuador, Brazil, Thailand and South Korea
District News July 2019
District Governor-Elect Sparky Leonard gives Paul Harris Award at Retro Fest
Opening of Dempsey-MacArthur Park Kayak Launch
Global Grant in Place for Sierra Leone
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile