Governor "WooWoo's" Message
"Each One Bring One"
During Membership Month
August is Membership Month which means it's time to invite others to the world of Rotary and to celebrate your Rotary club, your members and the good you each do in your community and around the world.  There are many ways to join in the celebration but to get you started... Say it loud, say it proud,  “I am proud to be a Rotarian!" - "WooWoo"!!
Supporting our RI President’s and our District’s “Each One Bring One” Campaign, I recently invited others to engage in the wonderful   fellowship of Rotary and today my home club has a new Rotary member who is being inducted in two weeks!  You can do this too; it is really easy, Just Ask.  So, I'm asking you each to support our “Each One Bring One” District Campaign by inviting someone to join you  
at an upcoming meet or event.  This simple invite can change their life as well as yours.
As you may know, I'm always up for a good celebration and what a wonderful one we had at the Meet Governor “WooWoo” evening on July 22, 2021!  This was the first “in person” event that our District has been able to hold since March 2019 when our PETS training was cut short due to what we now refer to as the Year of the Pandemic.  On July 22, I was so happy to meet and greet all who attended and to re-ignite our Rotary fellowships.  It was disappointing, of course, that the Canadian branch of our Rotary family was unable to attend but I look forward to an additional “Meet the Governor” Canadian style celebration once the borders reopen.  I invite you to join me for that celebration as well.  Stay tuned for details.
I hope you're enjoying our District social media campaign on the District Facebook page!  We've been focusing on "Getting to Know" your District Team.  If you haven't yet joined our group page, please make sure that you do to keep updated on Club and District events.  It's a great way to stay connected!  Rotary Facebook Group
Other Exciting District Updates:
  • All District 6380 Presidents and Leadership committees have set goals for the year and will be sharing them in club and district presentations
  • Looking for and/or know of a good club speaker?  Coming soon - we are compiling a District wide Speaker List for all clubs to access on the District 6380 website.  Send your speaker recommendations to our District Secretary, Lois Halsted (Hartland) districtorganizationchart
  • Bloomfield Hills Interact Club recently received their club certification from RI.  Did you know that we now have 27 certified Interact Clubs in District 6380?  If your club is interested in learning more about Interact, contact our District Interact Coordinator, Mary Sloan (Clarkston) district organization chart
  • Want your club to be noticed or have a special story to share?  Get your information published on the front page of our District website by submitting your story and picture to District Website Administrator, Eric Tindall (Ann Arbor North) stories/how-to-submit-a-story-to-the-rotary-district-6380-website. 
  • My official Governor visits have started!  See our District calendar for more information events/calendar
Thank you for your warm and welcoming reception as I embark upon this opportunity of a lifetime.  It is truly an honor to serve this District.  Remember that August is our time to Serve to Change Lives and to celebrate being a member of one of the largest and most impactful service organizations in the world.  My hope is that, together, we will Engage, Excite and most importantly HAVE FUN.  I look forward to serving with you in this Rotary year!  "WooWoo"!!
Foundation Focus 
WooWoo!!  All District Grants submitted in June have been approved for the 13 clubs that applied with a total of approximately $43,000 being awarded.  Clubs will be receiving their disbursement checks soon.  Please keep the district informed on your project’s status by posting on our District Facebook page Facebook and by submitting your story/articles for publications on our District Website Submit a Story.

The PolioPlus Committee is hard at work assisting clubs in planning exciting events for our October District 6380 Month of World Polio events.  We urge all clubs to participate by setting up a “Shred Polio” event or an alternate event to raise awareness and funds to support the Rotary Worldwide Polio Eradication Efforts.    
Overall District 6380 PolioPlus Committee goals include:   
  • Committee members to give a Polio presentation to every District 6380 Club 
  • 100% Club and member giving to PolioPlus                                                                              
  • Raise awareness and donations by holding World Polio Day events
  • $100,000 overall District giving goal from clubs and members
To schedule a club presentation and/or obtain assistance for an event, contact Julie Dunbar (US) or Dave McGuire(CA): District Org Chart
                    Membership Moment                        
August is Rotary Membership Month and I invite you all to attend our upcoming virtual Membership Summit on August 17, 2021.  All Rotarians are welcome.  Membership Chairs are strongly encouraged to attend.  For more details and to register, see: Membership Summit.
  • We're growing our members!  Don't forget to report your new members to your Regional Membership Lead and your AG. 
  • Join us at our upcoming Foundation + Membership Gala held jointly with District 6400 on November 13, 2021.  All new members who have joined Rotary since July 2021 will be honored during the event.  You won't want to miss it!  See more details at: Gala
  • Attention new members:  your District has scheduled our first District 6380 Member Orientation for September 29, 2021.  More information is coming soon.
To schedule a club presentation, contact Roma Murthy or the Regional Membership Lead supporting your club through the districtorganizationchart.
        Please Join Us!      
       Membership Summit
        Held Virtually on August 17, 2021
        6:30pm - 8:00pm
                                            Register Here:  Summit                  
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