January 2022
Governor "WooWoo's" Message
"Together, we make amazing things happen!"
January is Vocational Service month but what does that really mean?  As one of Rotary's Five Avenues of Service, vocational service calls on every Rotarian to work with integrity and contribute their professional expertise to the needs of society.  This month we celebrate how Rotarians use their skills and talents to solve problems and meet needs in their communities and beyond.   There are countless examples right in our own District 6380!
Vocational focus also can mean networking to expand the reach of Rotary which gives others the opportunity to join us in service. One of the benefits of being a Rotarian is meeting people and establishing new friendships. Learning about our members' professions and job involvement is a foundation stone that helps build relationships. When a new club member is introduced, you may learn a little about his or her career history.  Many clubs expand that knowledge through membership talks where a new or a more seasoned member shares their life story and work experiences.  Intriguing, interesting and informative are words that often describe these vocational talks.  Knowing more about your members' talents and skills can deepen those relationships and broaden the talent pool for creation of meaningful service projects.
This month and in the months ahead, I hope you'll take some time during club meetings to allow Rotarians to share their stories of what they do and how they can make a difference.
Collectively, we have all come to know just how connected the world really is. Clubs in our district have stepped up to the challenge and members continue to answer the call for support within their local communities and beyond. I applaud each of you for your selfless service and innovation.  Although we live in our own little bubbles of life, our contributions to this world can be felt thousands of miles away. This once-in-a-lifetime pandemic (fingers crossed) has brought many lessons that I'm sure we will reflect on for years to come.  With six months still to go in this Rotary year, let's stay inspired, remember our Rotary "Why," and maximize our contributions.
From my family to yours, we wish you a Happy New Year!  Despite last year's many challenges, there also were blessings in disguise and a new perspective on life in one way or another for many of us. I've always believed that the end of one thing was the beginning of another.  It’s our perspective that shapes the direction of our future. 
Exciting Upcoming District-Supported Events
January 2022
  • January 6 at 7:00pm - all are welcome to attend the District 6380 Peace Committee meet
  • January 13 at 7:00pm - we present our second Rotary Basics Training for New/Newer/All Members
  • My Governor Mid-Year Check-ins with current Club Presidents and Leaders will occur in late January
  • Incoming District Governor Elect Bala Murthy will continue President Elect Leadership training in preparation for the 2022-2023 Rotary year
Coming Soon
  • Our District Peace Committee is offering their new club talk entitled "Taking Peace on the Road."  To schedule a presentation for your club, contact Committee Chair Marcia Lane (
  • Our District Membership team also will continue their innovative InspireX Speaker Series with a wide range of topics in the months to come.
Newsworthy Notes:   
  • I am delighted to announce that Sharna Hatcher has joined our District Leadership team as your new incoming District Governor Nominee Designate.  Sharna will be leading and serving our District in the 2024-2025 Rotary Year.  See our District Website for more info stories/announcement-district-6380-nominated-district-governor-2024-2025.-1
  • Our District Membership continues to grow.  We've added 75+ new members in the first 6 months of our calendar year.  Thank you for your continued support of our District Membership's “Each One Bring One” campaign
  • Looking for a speaker?  Please review the District Wide Speaker list accessed on the District6380 website. See our District Website for the most current listing.
  • Do you have a special story to share?  Get your info on the front page of our District Website by submitting your story and picture stories/how-to-submit-a-story-to-the-rotary-district-6380-website.
  • Promote your club events and information through Facebook.  Please set up events on our District Facebook.  These posts expand our social media presence and let everyone in the District know of your successes and more
As we head into the latter half of the Rotary year, our District, our communities and the world will need your support more than ever.  It is my hope that together, we will continue to Engage, Excite and most importantly HAVE FUN.  I look forward to serving with all of you during the next six months of our Rotary year.  "WooWoo"!!

Foundation Focus 
December was not only the month for gatherings of family and friends, it also is the month for year-end giving.  Leading into this New Year, I urge all clubs to learn more about The Rotary Foundation and the amazing impact your donations make.  Our District 6380 Foundation team is ready to give club presentations or ask them to do a brief infomercial at the beginning of your club’s meet.  See Foundation Team for contact information.

Membership Moment 
  • We're growing our members!  Keep engaging our Membership team and Regional Membership Support leads to give presentations to your club and/or ask them to give brief infomercial at the beginning of your club's meet. See Membership Team for contact information
  • Let's keep the momentum going!  Get your ASK in Gear my fellow Rotarians!!  Now is the time to support our District campaign of “Each One Bring One”.  I, along with our RI President and your District Membership Team ask that you bring one person to a meeting, event and/or social gathering to introduce them to our amazing Service Organization 
  • All are invited to attend the next District HUB6380 Club Support Group meet on January 24 at 6:30pm 
  • Stay tuned for the next informative talk in our new District 6380 InspireX Speaker series


                                  District 6380 New, Newer and All Member
                                         "Rotary Basics" Training Seminar
                                  Held virtually on January 13, 2022
                                                        7:00 - 8:30 pm

                                  Register Here:    Rotary Basic Training


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