We are organizing the next Vision for Clean Water Workshop to be held in RIdgetown from April 23-26, 2020.

We need volunteers from the CK Rotary Clubs to help with the following:

So, we do need volunteers as soon as possible.  The jobs that we need help with include:
  • Handling registration. This is something that I have done in the past – and can help whoever takes on this role for 2020. Basically it is checking our email account daily, replying to requests, and maintaining a spreadsheet of registrations. We are hoping for about 20 participants.
  • Writing invitation letters for visa purposes. It would be best if these were to come from a Canadian citizen, who would be representing both their Rotary Club and A Vision for Clean Water. We have templates for the letters we have used in the past. A good role for a lawyer.
  • Airport pickups
  • Hosting foreign participants before or after the workshop
  • Helping purchase snacks for the workshop itself
  • Helping purchase equipment for the workshop – as required by CAWST.(Usually buckets and other stuff from Home Depot)
  • Managing evening program (open to public)
  • Handling the registration fees for those who pay in $Cdn
  • And, of course, participating as students in the workshop.