United States of America
 Hopefully everyone is gearing up for our Canada Winter Party and Outbound training Day #2.  We have combined these two events to give our future Outbound students an opportunity to hang out with our current Inbound students.  Both events will be held at the same location.
                                              Winter Party/Training Day #2
                                                      United Way Office
                                                  425 McNaughton Ave.
                                                      Chatham,  Ontario
                                                         Feburary 15-16
All Outbound trainees need to be there by 9 a.m.  All Inbound students will be present as well, at least for awhile.  We may do something else while the training is going on.  Once Outbound training is complete, we'll all gather together for the remainder of the weekend.  We will wrap up around 11 a.m. on Sunday (16th)


Hopefully everyone is aware that we have our upcoming Winter Party in Canada  February 15th-16th.  We will probably have our future outbound students join us for the sleepover.  They will be doing some training in Canada on the 15th.  So I hope you will welcome them to the gang. 


Inbound Winter Party

United Way Office

425 McNaughton Ave.

Chatham, Ontario


Time and specifics to be determined.  We will most likely be ice skating and curling. 

 What are we doing?  The plan currently is to go curling and ice skating.  We will also do an Escape Room.   After that, we'll just hang out, eat, maybe watch a movie and play games.  

What to bring?  
Sleeping bag/bed linens/pillow
Air mattress
Toiletries (No showering)
Appropriate sleepwear
Warm clothing/coats/gloves etc.
Ice skates (ask around, even your club, to borrow some)
Any games or music you like
Some $$ for ??? if you want
Passport/VISA/DS2019 (US students only)
IF YOU NEED A RIDE!  Contact the person below (*) I've lined up for your transportation .  Please make arrangements with them as to where your meet up location will be.
*Caryl Burke (734-476-5232, caryleburke@aol.com) - Asia, Maura, Joao, Yexa
*Pattie Courtney (734-812-7708, pcjohn15@yahoo.com) - Patti G., Bene, Gabs, Alyssa
*Tom Neveau (248-895-8230, tomneveau@gmail.com) - Bogi, Yuna, Emmett, Lilli
(Kim Tombrella will be driving this group home 248-318-0048, kimtombrella@gmail.com)