Policies and Procedures of the District
Version 2.3, 1 July 2005


    District 6380 is a geographical territory in Michigan, USA and Ontario, Canada, in which Rotary clubs are associated for the administrative purposes of Rotary International (hereinafter referred to as RI). The activities and organization of the district shall exist solely to help the individual Rotary clubs advance the Object of Rotary and should not tend to diminish services provided by Rotary clubs and individual Rotarians on the local level.


    The district governor is an officer of RI functioning under the general control and supervision of the Board of Directors of RI. The administration of the clubs is under the direct supervision of the district governor.


3.1    Membership of Nominating Committee

3.1.1.    The district nominating committee shall consist of seven members: the immediate past district governor and six Rotarians who are knowledgeable of the district structure and staff, who are active in the district, and who are generally representative of the geographic areas of the district. The six Rotarians shall be active, senior active, or past service members of a Rotary club of this district but not more than two of them shall be past officers of Rotary International. The six Rotarian members shall be appointed for staggered three-year terms and may serve only one term.
3.1.2    At the beginning of each Rotary year, the new district governor shall appoint two members from the district to a three-year term to replace the retiring members and shall convene the first meeting. The newly constituted nominating committee shall elect its chair at the first meeting of each year. Thereafter, the district governor shall not participate in the deliberations of the nominating committee.

3.1.3    At the beginning of each Rotary year the new district governor shall also appoint one Rotarian from the district to serve for that year as alternate member without vote. The alternate member shall meet with the committee and shall serve the remainder of the term of any regular member who ceases to serve during the year of the alternate's appointment.

3.1.4    Five members of the nominating committee shall constitute a quorum for doing business.

3.2    Timing of Selection

3.2.1    Every Rotary year, this Rotary district shall select a district governor designate, following the procedures outlined herein.

3.2.2    This district governor designate should begin serving as district governor two years from the 1 July first following the district conference at which the designee is either voted or declared to be district governor nominee.

3.3    Qualifications of a District Governor

3.3.1    The person selected by the nominating committee shall meet all of the qualifications outlined by the Rotary International Bylaws and Manual of Procedure and shall be willing and able to perform all the duties specified by RI and this district.

3.3.2    Members or alternate members of the nominating committee and any member or alternate member who is appointed and later resigns shall  not be eligible to be a district governor designate in any year during his or her term of appointment.

3.4    Selection Procedures

3.4.1    The nominating committee shall evaluate the district administration, programs, and leadership, and it shall prepare a job description for the new district governor designee, and transmit the description to the district governor. The description will specify those general qualifications most needed by the district leadership to improve its administration and its objectives in Rotary.

3.4.2    On or before 31 October of each year, the district governor shall send the job description to all clubs and invite all clubs in the district to submit names to the committee for their consideration. Such names must be submitted in the form of a resolution adopted at a regular meeting of the club, and certified by the club secretary.  The nominating committee must receive such names no later than 31 December.

3.4.3    In making its selection, the nominating committee shall not be limited in its selection to those names submitted by clubs, provided that a person so selected by the nominating committee is certified by his or her Rotary club at a later time in accordance with the second sentence of subsection 3.4.2 above. The nominating committee shall select a designee by a vote of at least four member s and report its selection to the district governor no later than 75 days prior to the next scheduled district conference.

3.4.4    No later than 15 days following receipt of the nominating committee report, the district governor shall notify all clubs in the district of the selection made by the nominating committee.

3.4.5    No later than 15 days following receipt of the district governor's notification of the selection made by the nominating committee, a club which has previously duly submitted a name, may propose that candidate again in the form of a resolution adopted at a regular meeting of the club, certified by the club secretary, and filed with the district governor.

3.4.6    In the event of such a challenge, the district governor shall at once inform all clubs of the challenge and inquire whether any club wishes to concur with this challenge.  To do so, a club must file with the district governor within 15 days of receipt of the notice of challenge, a resolution of the club, adopted at a regular meeting thereof and certified by the club secretary, concurring with any challenge. Only challenges that have received concurrence from at least five other clubs shall be considered valid.

3.4.7    If a valid challenge has not been received by the deadline, the district governor shall declare the candidate selected by the nominating committee to be the district governor designate.

3.4.8    If a valid challenge has been received, the district governor shall wait 15 days. If at the end of the 15 days the challenging nomination continues effective, the district governor shall notify all clubs in writing of the names and qualifications of all candidates proposed in accordance with the provisions of this section 3.4 and inform them that all such candidates will be balloted upon at the district conference.

3.4.9    Balloting at the district conference shall follow the procedures outlined in RI Bylaws Article XV, Section 15.050. The candidate selected becomes the district governor nominee.


4.1    General Organizational Guidelines

4.1.1    The district organization should be only as extensive as the district governor deems necessary for the effective promotion of the program of Rotary in the district. District governors should appoint Rotarians of experience as chairs of district committees. The district governor is encouraged to delegate responsibility through a district organization in accordance with the following guidelines:

4.1.2    District governors should develop a district organization appropriate to the needs, resources, programs, and geography of District 6380.

4.1.3    District governors should provide for both leadership development and continuity in the district organization. Therefore, as a matter of policy, there should be a three-year limitation on the length of service of chairs and members of district committees.

4.1.4    District governors shall draw upon past RI officers who remain in good standing in a club in the district for assistance and advice by naming an advisory council of past district governors.
4.2    Assistant Governors

4.2.1    District governors elect shall appoint for a one-year term beginning the next 1 July assistant governors as personal liaisons between the governor and a set of Rotary clubs, referred to as a sector, in the district. Each appointee shall have served as a club president, but shall not be a past district governor.  No person shall serve as assistant governor for more than three one-year terms.

4.2.2    Assistant governors designate assist the district governor-elect in the development of district plans and in planning for their implementation.

4.2.3    The assistant governors designate shall attend the presidents-elect training seminars to receive training, to participate with the governor elect in presenting the district plan, to assist in the training of the presidents-elect, and to meet with their sector leadership.

4.2.4    Each assistant governor shall visit clubs in her or his sector to assist in the administration of each club and provide it with whatever district or RI resources are appropriate.

4.3    Standing Committees:

4.3.1    The governor shall maintain all district standing committees herein provided. Standing committees have been established to ensure continuity of critical functions within the district.

4.3.2    Finance Committee [q.v. 7.1]

4.3.3    Nominating Committee [q.v. 3.1]

4.3.4    Conference Committee [q.v. 5.3.4 and 5.3.5]

4.3.5    Presidents Elect Training Seminars Committee [q.v. 5.1.2]


5.1    Club Presidents-Elect Training Seminars

5.1.1    As required by RI, a club presidents-elect training seminar will be planned, organized, and implemented by the District Governor Elect, in cooperation and coordination with the District Governor, for the purposes of: implementing the theme announced by the RI President and the new and continuing program of RI; planning club and district programs and activities for the succeeding year; motivating club presidents-elect to develop and perform their leadership roles; and informing club presidents-elect on operations and activities of the district.

5.1.2    This district participates in a multi-district presidents-elect training seminar through the unincorporated association Great Lakes Rotary PETS. The district shall comply with the Bylaws of that association. The district ex officio members of the Great Lakes Rotary PETS Standing Committee shall represent the district in that association, shall make decisions regarding the district Rotarians who will work on PETS each year, and must concur in any decision to withdraw from participation in Great Lakes Rotary PETS.

5.1.3    Club presidents-elect are required to attend the presidents-elect training     seminar and their Rotary clubs are expected to pay for costs of attending.

5.2    District Assembly

5.2.1    As required by RI, a district assembly will be held to provide motivation, inspiration, Rotary knowledge, and instruction in administrative duties in order that the incoming presidents, secretaries, treasurers, foundation committee chairs, membership committee chairs and such other incoming club leaders as the Board of Directors of RI may designate, will receive a greater understanding of their responsibilities and opportunities for service.

5.2.2    A special district assembly also may be held to convene club presidents to deal with unique or emergency issues or to update plans and Rotary information.

5.2.3    Presidents-elect, to be eligible to serve, shall attend the district assembly.  If excused by the incoming governor, the president-elect shall send a designated representative from his or her club whose duty it shall be to report back to her or him.

5.3    District Conference

5.3.1    As required by RI, a district conference will be held at such time and place as shall be agreed upon by the district governor or the district governor elect and the presidents or presidents-elect of the majority of the clubs in the district.

5.3.2    The purpose of the conference is to further the program of Rotary through fellowship, inspirational addresses, and the discussions of matters relating to the affairs of clubs in the district and RI generally.

5.3.3    Every active, senior active and past service member in good standing in a club in the district who is present shall be entitled to vote on matters submitted to a vote at the conference, unless the vote is required to be conducted by certified electors from the clubs or by presidents-elect.

5.3.4    The conference committee shall consist of no less than three Rotarians each of whom serves a three-year term on a rotating basis. The district governor nominee shall make, at the beginning of the Rotary year, one appointment for a three-year term. The governor or governor elect or governor nominee who made the original appointment shall fill a vacancy to complete the term of any member leaving the committee for any reason.

5.3.5    The district governor shall designate the committee chair, who need not necessarily be a member of the standing committee, for a one-year term. In addition, the district governor may name subcommittees and make ad hoc appointments to assist in the conduct of the district conference.

5.4    General Considerations

5.4.1    When authorized by the district governor, other district events may be held, provided they are consistent with the role of the district as defined in article 1.

5.4.2    Budgets for every district event for which fees other than meal costs are charged shall be submitted to the treasurer for review and recommendation of the finance committee prior to its approval by the district governor. The budgets shall present detailed line items of projected fixed and variable expenses and the probable revenue, following the format of the district budget. For moneymaking events, the budget shall clearly state the intended use of any proceeds.

5.4.3    Not later than 3 months after an event, the event chair shall submit to the treasurer a statement of actual income and expenses, compared to projected income and expenses of the event budget, following the format of the district budget.


6.1    Establishment of Funds

6.1.1    A district operating account shall be established for the financing of district sponsored projects and the administration and development of Rotary in the district.

6.1.2    A district operating reserve shall be established and maintained at a prudent balance. The operating reserve balance may change only by interest income and the transfer of funds between it and the operating account.

6.1.3    The district operating fund shall be supported by the reimbursements from RI to the district governor and by a per capita levy on every Rotarian in the district. The amount of the levy shall be determined as provided in subsection 7.2.1.

6.1.4    The treasurer shall send notices to each club in the district for payment of the district per capita levy. At the discretion of the district governor, these notices may be sent once a year, for the full amount on 1 July, or twice a year, for payment of one half the full amount on 1 July and the second half on the following 1 January.

6.1.5    Payment of the per capita levy is mandatory on all clubs. Failure to pay for six months will result in the suspension of services by RI and the district and may result in the termination of the club by RI.

6.2    Control of Funds

6.2.1    All funds shall be held in accounts that clearly indicate the funds are the property of the district.

6.2.2    The treasurer may establish separate project accounts for special projects or events receiving funds other than the per capita levy. The treasurer may establish separate custodial accounts to receive funds for special purposes, in which event the funds shall be used only for those purposes. Any interest from custodial accounts and any interest or profit from project accounts established for district projects or events shall be the property of the district.

6.2.3    Within 30 days of receiving a proper voucher, the treasurer shall disburse funds from the operational account and project accounts as authorized by the budget and approved by the district governor. The treasurer will disburse funds from the restricted accounts as authorized by the terms of their contributor.

6.2.4    The district governor and the treasurer or either of them are the only authorized signers of checks disbursing district funds, except that the district governor may appoint an assistant treasurer to manage and disburse funds from a separate project account established pursuant to subsection 6.2.2 above. The district shall pay the cost and shall bond the district governor, the treasurer, and any assistant treasurer at a level determined by prevailing business practices.

6.2.5    The district governor and treasurer will develop reimbursement guidelines consistent with these Policies and Procedures or the approved district budget.

6.2.6    Responsibility and signing authority for district operating accounts, operating reserves, project accounts and custodial accounts shall be transferred to the new district governor and new treasurer at the beginning of their Rotary year. The new treasurer shall pay encumbrances from the prior year, if approved by the immediate past governor and the new governor, and they shall be debited against accounts of the previous Rotary year.

6.3    Use of Funds

6.3.1    District funds may be used for the purposes set forth in this section 6.3 if authorized in the budget, except no district funds may be used for the purchase of reimbursement for the purchase of alcoholic drinks.

6.3.2    The district governor may be reimbursed for expenses for conducting the necessary duties of the office.

6.3.3    Funds may be used to meet the expenses of conducting the required district functions of district conference, district assembly, district seminars and institutes, and presidents-elects training; and to meet the expenses of conducting authorized district committee and sub-committee meetings and events.

6.3.4    The district governor elect, the district governor nominee, the assistant governors, the assistant governors designate, and district officers and committee chairs may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses up to the limit established in the budget.

6.3.5    Funds may be used to acquire or produce print, audio-visual, electronic or other resources necessary for communication, education, or administration within the district, and such other expenses as are     necessary for the effective functioning of the district.

6.3.6    The district governor and spouse and the district governor elect and spouse may be reimbursed for registration, travel, lodging, and reasonable meal costs for the RI International Convention, Zone 22 and 28 Institutes, and the multi-district PETS. The district governor nominee may be reimbursed for similar expenses incurred at the Zone 22 or Zone 28 Institute and the multi-district PETS. The assistant governors and the assistant governors designate may be reimbursed for similar expenses related to the multi-district PETS.

6.3.7    Funds may be used to meet the expenses for travel, lodging, reasonable meal costs, and other costs not covered by RI for a district representative to attend the RI Council on Legislation.

6.3.8    Insurance to cover reasonable risks of conducting Rotary activities in the district may be purchased for all Canadian clubs in the district provided that such clubs fully reimburse to the district all costs billed for such insurance.


7.1    Membership

7.1.1    The district finance committee shall consist of seven members: the immediate past district governor, the district governor, the district governor elect, the district treasurer, and three well-qualified Rotarians, not past officers of RI, who will be representatives of  the district at large and are appointed for staggered, three-year terms. The     three representatives of the district at large may serve on the committee as representatives of the district at large for no more than three consecutive years.

7.1.2    At the beginning of each Rotary year the new district governor shall appoint one Rotary member from the district to a three year term to replace the retiring representative of the district at large. The new district governor shall also appoint one member from the district as an alternate member without vote, who will serve with vote the balance of the term of any other finance committee member who ceases to serve for any reason.

7.1.3    The new district governor shall appoint the district governor nominee as an adjunct member of the committee, without vote.

7.1.4    Five voting members of the finance committee shall constitute a quorum for doing business.

7.1.5    Each year, the treasurer shall convene the first committee meeting at which the committee shall elect its chair.

7.2    Duties of the Finance Committee

7.2.1    The district finance committee, in consultation with the district governor-elect and the treasurer designate, shall review and study the district's likely revenues and the expenditures required to achieve the district's     goals. The district governor elect and the treasurer designate shall prepare a budget, giving clear rationale for any proposed dues adjustment. The finance committee shall approve the budget and shall submit the budget to the presidents-elect of the clubs at least four weeks prior to the district assembly. The budget must be approved by a three-fourths vote of the presidents-elect present at the district assembly.

7.2.2    The finance committee shall monitor receipts and expenditures throughout the year. It shall advise the district governor and the treasurer on requests for expenditures outside the budget and on expenditures beyond the limit set by any category in the budget.

7.2.3    The finance committee shall advise the district governor and the treasurer about prudent investments for district funds, and shall be fully informed by them of all accounts and other vehicles in which district funds are placed.

7.2.4    The district governor shall order an audited annual statement of the district finances and submit this audit, together with a finance committee report, to each club in the district within three months of the completion of his or her year as district governor. This audited annual statement and the report of the finance committee shall also be presented, discussed and formally adopted by the following district conference or assembly.


8.1    The conduct of all meetings of the district staff, committees, assembly, and conference shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, except to the extent such rules would be in conflict with those     stated in the RI Manual of Procedure, other RI policies, or these District Policies and Procedures.

8.2    Committees and sub-committees, but not including the district assembly and district conference, may deliberate and vote by conference call or other electronic media that permits a deliberative interaction.

8.3    All decisions and elections that these policies require to be made at a district conference or assembly may instead by made by the clubs of the district by a mail-ballot following, as near as may be, the procedures outlined in the RI Bylaws Article XIII, section 13.040.


    Amendments to these Policies and Procedures must be approved by a majority vote of the validated electors representing clubs present and voting at the district conference or voting by proxies authorized by the Bylaws of RI, Article XV section 15.050.


    Nothing in these Policies and Procedures is intended to modify or be in conflict with applicable statements of policy and manuals of procedures issued by RI. If such a conflict should occur, the RI policies and procedures shall prevail.


11.1    These Policies and Procedures, version 2.2, are revised from the 12 January 1996 Policies and Procedures, version 1.0. They shall be effective immediately upon their approval.

11.2    Appointment of the first conference committee: On the effective date of the revised Policies and Procedures, the district governor nominee shall make one appointment for a three-year term, the district governor elect one appointment for a two-year term, and the district governor one appointment for a one-year term. The district governor shall also appoint the conference committee chair for a one-year term; this appointment may constitute a fourth member of the committee.