Our club is beginning to form a partnership with Habitat for Humanity, Huron Valley    www.h4h.org  and we have 2 work sessions scheduled.    The work days will be from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  with a 1 hour lunch break.  The site will be determined but will most likely be in Ypsilanti.   We have 2 days scheduled, Saturday, March 30 and Saturday, April 20. See attached document:   Habitat 4 Humanity

Friends and family are welcome (must be at least 16 years old)   To sign up for either or both days, please click on the appropriate link below.   You will be asked to set up a profile with Habitat, sign a waiver and then you can sign up!    If you have questions or need any further information, you may contact Rob Shiff or James Hannah as listed below.

SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER 8 – 12 volunteers needed per day:

March 30:  https://h4h.galaxydigital.com/need/detail/?need_id=403653

April 20:  https://h4h.galaxydigital.com/need/detail/?need_id=403655

Questions? Contact:

James Hannah at Habitat, at jhannah@h4h.org or 734-882-2007
Rob Shiff    rshiff123@gmail.com    call or txt:  734-277-3892


STRIVE students, Rotary mentors, and the Pathways advisor

enjoyed an informative and inspiring trip to Bosch

Rotary STRIVE Scholars and members of the STRIVE committee enjoyed a terrific experience learning about autonomous vehicles and the opportunities for Washtenaw Community College students.  Along with Pathways Counselor Marisa Bailey-Johnson, Rotarians Amy Goodman, Leo Shedden, Arthur Williams, and Nana Yawson, six STRIVE students traveled to the Bosch facility in Plymouth on February 21.

Our STRIVERS were welcomed by a team that was especially pulled together with their possible interests in mind and led by an engineer who enthusiastically shared his story with the kids.  He started as a line worker at GM, finished his AA degree at Washtenaw Community College and became an engineer after transferring to UM. Twenty years later he loves his job and works hard to mentor community college students.

The Bosch team outlined opportunities specifically for community college students including paid internships and tuition support.   The kids also met two current interns, one from Oakland Community College and the other from Wayne Community College.  These interns were not working in the mail room!  They proudly shared the switch boxes they created to further the work on the prototype vehicles that included a Shelby Mustang, and several SUVs.

On the drive back to Pathways, the STRIVE students watched a video about the programs at Washtenaw Community College that lead to opportunities at BOSCH in advanced transportation, the intersection of manufacturing and technology.   And, they all received a folder full of ideas from our friends at Washtenaw Community College.  The STRIVE Scholars were engaged and asked great questions throughout the experience: the connection to possible fields of study at WCC was clear.

Many thanks to our new friends at Bosch and the team at Washtenaw Community College, Barbara Hauswirth, Experiential Learning Coordinator, andAlan Lecz, Advanced Transportation Center Director.  And, thanks to Sean Duval at Golden Limo for sharing the cost of transportation.

By Amy Goodman


Jason Whipple is the Project Director from our club on this Project. The project consists of vaccinating 14 to 19 year old girls in rural India near the city of Pune for a total project cost of $96,000, when approved by TRF. India has 1/4 of all cervical cancer cases worldwide. This project will protect thousands of from cancer who would otherwise have no access to this vaccine. Real lives being saved by Rotarians working together.

  • RCAA’s investment in this Project is $6,500.
  • District 6380 contributed $7,000.
  • The remainder of the funds were contributed by several other Rotary Clubs in our District as well as in India, all of which received matching from TRF.

Our Club’s contribution has been compounded over 14 times.