Submitted by Mary Avrakotos, International Humanitarian Projects Committee

 The Ann Arbor Rotary Club is raising support now for a second high impact Global Grant and is asking for support from Clubs in the District.


A visionary chief, Charles Caulker, has developed a clear path for changing lives. He started the Center for Community Transformation and Empowerment (CCET) to help him realize his dream to educate children and move his people from subsistence to self reliance. With the Ann Arbor Rotary Club serving as the project lead; Freetown Rotary Club as the international host; participation from Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor North, Dexter, Cincinnati an Wilmington, NC Clubs; and Sherbro Foundation as a cooperating partner, great strides have been made.

  • Two “Education” Orchards have been planted to support education.
  • Women have been given bags of peanut seed to plant as a way to support their families
  • Children’s births have been recorded giving them access to government services
  • And forest reserves are being created to mitigate the impact of climate change


Now, with a second Global Grant (GG1980574), we plan to solidify the strides that have been made

  • Plant a third “Education" Orchard and maintain the existing orchards
  • Hire an experienced Agriculture Manager to guide the program and market crops
  • Dig two wells with pumps and storage tanks; and build a storehouse & a concrete drying floor
  • Expand the peanut-peanut-growing project to more eager women and help them increase their income.
  • Plant and manage a fourth “Hospital" Orchard working in collaboration with the Wilmington NC Rotary Club


I would be happy to visit your Club together with Cheryl Farmer, Treasurer for Sherbro Foundation and also the incoming President for the Ypsilanti Rotary Club. Just call or email me (315) 806-0689, or Cheryl at (734) 481-1804 We have a slide presentation about the project that we would be pleased to present to your members.


You can also simply make a pledge for Club support or send a contribution to:

Ann Arbor Rotary Foundation

PO Box 131217

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48113-1217

Include Sierra Leone Global Grant in the memo line.


Club & individual support is matched at 50% by Rotary International.


Paramount Chief Charles Caulker, a man with a vision

Nursery where seedlings are grown for “Education” orchards

Education, the heart of our project

Women receiving peanuts to plant and rice to feed their families