A District 6380 Global Grant Project on its 4th Anniversary
Maternal and Child Clinic in Bagdumur, Bangladesh
At its 4th anniversary of inception, I decided to go back and check the status of this Clinic that was started as a Global Grant Project to serve a small village in rural Bangladesh. It was a $55,000 Global Grant to furnish a clinic with all the equipment and renovate an existing building to make it suitable for a clinic. Our implementation partner on the Project was Foundation for Charitable Activities in Bangladesh (FCAB). FCAB remains the organization that operates the clinic.
At the beginning, the clinic served the women and children. But they have since started serving adult male as the demand grew. In the Islamic culture, men usually have to accompany women and children to the clinic, as the women can’t travel by themselves. This fact became predominant reason to accept men as patients. The original intent of the clinic was to serve only the village of Bagdumur. Currently the clinic is serving the population of 7 other nearby villages.
A trained Nurse attends the Clinic everyday to see the patients. Once a week a Doctor visits the Clinic to see patients. The Clinic, with the help of FCAB has been self sufficient and sustainable. Depending on the financial capability, the patients are asked to pay a small fee for their visit. Most of the patients still get free treatment. Medicines are dispensed free of cost, thanks to the pharmaceutical companies who continue to donate free medicine. The average annual patient visits over the last few years has been approximately 4,500.
This is a prime example of how Rotary Grants make a difference in lives of people across the globe.
Thanks to all the Rotary Clubs in District 6380, especially the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor in its lead role in development and implementation of this Global Grant.
Submitted by Ashish Sarkar, District Global Grant Chair