Posted by Lynn Morgan on Sep 20, 2017
Alumni - You will be surprised where you find them.
Whether it is with your club's Interact Club, or a Rotaract Club in the  area, or a Scholar that your club identifies with, or a Youth in the Exchange program, it is a great time to reach out and reconnect and rejuvenate the interest in your alumni.  Be sure to have them set up a My Rotary account at  and complete the information including the program they were involved with.
Why you say?  Membership.  Don't be selfish, it doesn't matter where they are now, it only matters that you identify with them from your club.  And there is nothing wrong with wanting to know the (w)ho, (w)hat, (w)where, (w)hen and (w)hy of them. 
A personal story from our club, the Charter President of Bonita Beach Sunset  Rotary Bonita Springs near Naples, Florida has been involved it the devastation of Hurricane Irma over the past weeks, and will be for some time.  You may read about their experience and needs in this newsletter.  Rick is a Past President of Farmington Rotary, and Rick is an Ambassadorial Scholar alum.
You all probably have stories of various alumni.  Please gather the information you can from the members of your club who may recollect stories.  Rotary has invested  time and money, to say nothing of effort, and now is the time to reconnect and harvest the crop that we have nurtured for years. 
If you or your club is interested in helping as your Club Alumni Contact  regarding alumni, please contact Lynn Morgan, District 6380 Alumni Committee Co-Chair at