June is Rotary Fellowship Month
Fellowship: it is an amazing concept - people from over 200 countries, with different cultures and ideas come together to make Rotary a living, breathing and dynamic entity.  In this year of service to our District, my hope for our future has grown brighter every time I visited a club, event or celebration.  You are "People of Action"!  
District Conference (Photos) came together with the participation and help from remarkable Rotarians.  The Mental Health Initiative's panel gave powerful insights to what is and what can be done.  (Click here for the video)    Dr. Steven Bucci taught and exampled Servant Leadership with four sessions!. Breakouts were by Rotarians for Rotarians with valuable ideas and insights... 
While "Sparky" and I were in jail, attendees raised over $3,000 for Polio eradication!    Each $25 was given a polio "Square" and chance to be Given a Paul Harris Fellow.  The random draw selected Nancy Jackson (Blenheim), Chris Winans (Birmingham) and Lois Halstead (Hartland).
International projects, local projects, "fun" raisers, new ideas about membership, clubs trying out new ways of doing things - all by ordinary folks taking extraordinary action.  I could not be more blessed to be in the midst of such great people like you and the organization we call Rotary!  Soon it will be "Sparky's" time to lead our District.  We have different personalities and ways of doing things - and that is what makes Rotary great!  We all have an opportunity to lead and influence for good in our clubs and district.  Please take the leap into leadership, no matter if you have been a Rotarian for 2 weeks or 50 years.  We stand on the shoulders of those who went before us in order to further the cause of Rotary and fellowship with all.
See you soon after we get back from International Conference in Hamburg, Germany!