Humanity in Action, A Story with a Bright Future
Lakes Area Rotary updates the District every now and again regarding Dayana Delgado, formerly of Cuba, who was referred to us by Keith Coke in June 2011.  Many will recall Keith was responding to a plea from a neighbor to help a young doctor who had escaped Cuba, legally entered the USA seeking asylum, was admitted, and within a week had her identity documents stolen.  Paul and Lorrie McVey of Lakes Area club responded providing her a home for the nine months it took to replace those documents.  During that time Dayana became like a daughter to them and as a result lived with them for over three years while learning how to live in a free country and establishing herself in the USA.  With a good job and apartment, having learned to drive and purchase a car, Dayana took a vacation in December 2015, where she encountered a former neighbor who had also sought asylum in the USA.  They fell in love and Dayana moved to St. Petersburgh, Florida and found a job at a medical clinic so she could be near him.  True to her self-Dayana applied for US citizenship the moment she was eligible and in September 2016 she became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America.  Shortly thereafter, her soon to be husband was awarded his US citizenship.  Today Dayana lives in Ocala, Florida where she and her husband, the owner/operator of a long-haul trucking business, recently purchased a home.  They are excited to report they are expecting a baby boy on July 5.  Dayana remembers fondly, and with gratitude, all the District 6380 Rotarians who helped her transition to life in the USA and looks forward to raising her son as an American.  Paul and Lorrie McVey are looking forward to meeting their bonus grandson and will be in Florida to assist Dayana and her husband at the birth of the baby as Dayana’s mother cannot leave Cuba for this momentous event.  Dayana is thankful for all Lakes Area and District 6380 did to help her.  Her future is bright.  Opportunity knocked…Rotarians answered.  Humanity wins!