New year, new goals 
The new year is a time for new resolutions and fresh beginnings. As you set club goals for the second half of the Rotary year, start with small ones that you can achieve easily. Here are a few ideas:
  - Update your member data in My Rotary (learn how to add, edit, or remove a member)
  - Record the progress you’ve made toward the goals you set at the start of the Rotary year in Rotary Club Central
  - Identify any club members who aren’t engaged in Rotary and pair each of them with a mentor
Start thinking now about how your club can Be the Inspiration in your community in 2019. Happy holidays from Rotary!
Membership models for the future of Rotary
On 5 December 2018, Rotary hosted a discussion with four panelists who are meeting the needs of their members in various ways, including:
  - Hosting some meetings online, which makes Rotary more accessible
  - Piloting three corporate membership options, and a family membership to allow the community to engage with the club in new ways
  - Chartering a satellite club that has increased the diversity — and the fun — of the sponsor club
Watch the recording now.
Your future members are waiting
 Every January, we see a surge in prospective members expressing interest in joining Rotary through Rotary reviews these inquiries and assigns each of them to a district. District leaders are asked to review each prospective member, or membership lead, and assign it to a club in the area that’s likely to be a good fit. It’s then up to the club either to make sure the person is contacted in a timely way or to tell the district if another club would be a better fit. Have you contacted your future members yet? Learn how you can find them by following up on your membership leads. They are eagerly waiting to meet you!
Give prospective members the Impact Begins With You brochure so they can learn about Rotary.