Mental Health Update
Immediate Past District Governor, Barry Fraser, began a District- wide  initiative on mental health at last year's District Conference. For the first time in our history, we are experiencing an actual decrease in our age longevity- due to the suicide and drug overdose crisis of our youth. And some of us may be experiencing the agony of Alzheimer's Disease with a loved one.  Mental health affects all ages, family members, and friends. A group of us discussed what we could do as a District, and with Barry's leadership, developed the following three actions: "Read More"

1)  Get our Rotary members we work with, engaged, and join the Rotary Action Group- Mental Health. Collyer has joined and will help those who have questions.
2) Engage our Clubs to form a Mental Health Committee ( Immediate Past District Governor Barry Fraser suggested we allow for flexibility, and each Club can determine, through their local community connections, their particular mental health needs).
3) Find speakers on mental health to speak to our clubs. If we find good speakers- share with our group so that we can all benefit.

Anne Nauts, Assistant Governor Sector 12, provided the following website from a group of Rotarians in Colorado- Rotarians for Mental Health: 

They are having a conference on Jan 9, with a famous keynote speaker, Molly Bloom. (Movie - "Molly's Game")