Posted by Collyer Smith on Jun 14, 2021
I wanted to update you all on our District 6380 Mental Health Committee's Initiatives. As part of E-RaBce The Stigma- our Canadian Colleagues have been providing awareness and support with their Ride Don't Hide throughout Canada. Past District Governor Barry Fraser, who started our District's Mental Health Initiative during his District Governorship, shares the passion in E-Racing the Stigma. Mental Health is one of the break-out sessions at the International Convention- and "Wellness in a Box" program being shared with Rotaract and Interact- will become more visible in our District. Barry and I had a zoom call with Rotaracters in Ottawa, Canada- providing 'Wellness in a Box" to schools-
Past District Governor Barry Fraser and other Rotarians are participating in Ride Don’t Hide (RDH) of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)  this year!   By the way-Ride Don't Hide started in Vancouver in 2012.
To connect you toward support click this link:  and from this link, you can either join the team or direct your support though me to the Rotary Club of Chatham and hence to the CMHA!
If you are looking to direct people to connect to the general Ride Don’t Hide page, they can find out more information by visiting:
Would appreciate your support toward the CMHA.
Barry Fraser
“1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness but 5 in 5 of us have mental health. So many of us don’t feel like ourselves these days. With the pandemic, we have all experienced the impacts of school closures, lock downs, social isolation and economic insecurity to some degree.
Every year, CMHA Lambton/Sarnia/ Kent/Chatham  takes part in “Ride Don’t Hide”, an event that brings people together raise awareness and funds for mental health.
  • By bringing our own experiences out of hiding and into open discussion, we reduce the stigma associated with mental health and in doing so; our actions encourage others to get the help they may need.
  • The funds raised through this event support mental health prevention, education and promotion in our community. This is so important because the earlier a person receives care, the better their mental health will be in the long-term. 
With a rally of support from Rotary Clubs in Kent (6) and Lambton (5) Counties, this year Ride Don’t Hide has evolved into a virtual event. Participants are encouraged to set individual or team goals, track their activity, raise funds, spread the word and participate in weekly challenges throughout June. Whether you bike, walk, run, meditate or practice self-care, you can track your activity and stay connected with your team and sponsors using the Ride Don’t Hide mobile app.
So set your own goals and move in your own way, on your own time, and know that it all rolls up to more timely, more accessible mental health help when people need it. Find your walking buddy and join your neighbor's to raise money, raise your heart rate and raise your spirits!
Barry Fraser
Fraser & Associates
Rotary District 6380 Governor 2017/18
Chatham Ontario
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