Today Lakes Area managed to continue a traditional that began two years ago, albeit, with a twist. Marilyn Violet Foundation provides organic health and school supplies, packpacks and even a pull over fleece for at risk and special needs students in Detroit. We generally take the products to the school, tote it in, set it up and allow the youth to make personal selections. It is a high point in their school year. With COVID-19 consideration this year member Pam Jackson collected all the materials in her garage, set up production tables in the garage, on each side of her driveway and in her front yard. We masked up, broke into groups of two and took a station. These pictures don’t look like we were social distancing but we were until the last minute or two where our packages were collected and stashed for later delivery to the school where they will be safely distributed to the kids. We merged together for a quick group picture and retired to Pam’s spacious deck for some wine, cheese and savory treats and where social distancing was easy! We enjoyed being able to do this and had great fun. It was the first time most of us have seen each other in over 5 months. Our next project Is most likely Team Turkey. As Brenda would say, Woo Hoo! Can you spy an AG in these pics?  (Click on photo for more photos)