$142,000 Rotary International Global Grant Propels Chiefdom To Grow Its Future
All of the funding for the Rotary International Global
Grant ($142,030) is now in the account of the Freetown
Rotary Club. A site visit has been conducted by Rotarian
Theodora Wilkinson of the Freetown Rotary Club and
transfers are being made to the implementing
organization, the Center for Community Empowerment
and Transformation (CCET).
A total of 60 acres of orchards with 4000
fruit trees will be developed through the two Rotary grants,
as well as a tree nursery, a watering system and storehouse.
In three to five years, the orchards will provide long-term fruit income for education and hospital medical care for
Bumpeh Chiefdom’s 40,000 mostly illiterate residents.

Some 260 subsistence-level women farmers can double their incomes by growing peanuts with supplies they receive from
the project. How can something as seemingly small as $50 for a bale of peanut seed and a drying tarp impact the
women? The spokeswoman for recent participants said it best, “Indeed, our lives have been transformed.”
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