Clawson Rotary dedicated 2 Shelter Boxes destined for earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria. Their caring donation is in memory of Alexandria Verner, a local victim of the February 13th shootings on the Michigan State University Campus. 
Jeff Geralds, Clawson Rotary President, stated, "Clawson is a small town. We all laugh together, play together, work and serve together. We are a family. And we are heartbroken that one of our daughters in this extended family has been taken from us. We grieve for the family of Alexandra Verner and are deeply saddened for her friends, relatives, and acquaintances.”
Clawson Public Schools Superintendent Billy Shellenbarger remembers that "Alex was and is incredibly loved by everyone. She was a tremendous student, athlete, leader and exemplified kindness every day of her life." The Clawson Rotary Club made a generous financial contribution to the Verner family this week to help lessen the economic burden this tragedy has caused them.
The Clawson Rotarians also purchased two ShelterBoxes and dedicated them to the memory of Alexandra Verner as a tribute to her love of friends and family.
Alliance Catholic Credit Union is accepting donations at all their branch locations, as well as by PayPal. 100% of all donations received will be delivered to the Verner family.
To donate by check, make it out to the credit union and note it is for the Alexandra Verner family.
To donate via PayPal visit the credit union website to get the link.
Donations to Rotary Disaster Response can be made at Click DONATE and select Disaster Response.
Mary or Jeff Sloan of Clarkston Rotary are always ready to provide information about Shelter Box and how to donate.