Waterford club sends $5000 to purchase masks for Polio Project in Pakistan
My Dear Friend Rotarian Ginger,
I had been meaning to write earlier as we placed the order for washable masks when we received funds from your club. I am enclosing an invoice from our vendor called Galactic Cosmos. The total order quantity is 26,000 units @ Rs. 30/unit = Rs. 780,000.  
The amount we received from your club converted to PKR 788,987. The difference of 788,987 - 780,000 is PKR 8,987 or approx US 56. This amount we use to transport masks to other provinces via courier or postal services.  The masks were sent to Rotarians who are members of the Pakistan National PolioPlus Committee across the country, and hand over to the front line workers in their respective communities. We also provide masks to the four Provincial Emergency Operations Center (EOC) who are incharge of deputing the polio vaccinators during campaign rounds.  
Here are a few images of polio vaccinators (men and women) engaged in administering polio drops to the children of Pakistan; a mix of pictures in the house to house campaign as well as Rotarians who hold health camps post NIDs to ensure no child has fallen through the cracks during the campaign, missing the opportunity of OPV.  
Thank you again for the arranging quick support and generous contribution of expediting funds for this noble cause. 
Aziz Memon
Trustee 2020-24, The Rotary Foundation
Mother bringing a child forward for OPV
Patient being checked by doctor
Polio vaccinator giving OBV NIDs