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4408 S. Wagner Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
United States of America

This District Sponsored Work Day will celebrate, support and bring awareness to our Rotary's Seventh Area of Focus - the Environment.  We are actively planning an outdoor hands-on project in Ann Arbor and request the participation of all District Rotarians, Family and Friends.  In Canada there will be similar coordinated efforts for a Watershed Cleanup day.

The day in the US will include the follow elements:
  • Fun, Fellowship and Fresh Air
  • Education about the project and the site
  • Cleaning up the raised beds
  • Spreading wood mulch
  • Some Assembling of the FarmBot robot farming machine which was obtained through a multi-club District Grant partnering with Willow Run Acres
  • Food - Lunch and Drink will be provided for this very fun and important day
  • Please Bring a chair and 6 or 8 foot table if you have one
  • WooWoo!!
The site Address is: 
Primary US Coordination contact and for more info contact Scott Nelson (
In Canada coordination efforts for the Watershed Cleanup Day or a Planting day are being made.
     Contact John Lawrence for more details at:
 Don't forget to Engage, Excite and most importantly HAVE FUN.  I really look forward to seeing you all, enjoying the fresh air and getting our hands dirty at this amazing event also attached is the flyer for distribution.   WooWoo!!