District 6380's Leadership Team
Rotary (from Clubs to Rotary International) switch leadership every year in an orchestrated transition from one team to the next.
We talk about Clubs getting their team selected for next Rotary year and the year after that.  Much is the same with District 6380, however, it gets a bit more complex. 
The current District Governor (Jane McManus) is surrounded by Past District Governors, District Governor Elect (Don "Sparky" Leonard), District Governor Nominee (Karen Gabrys) and District Governor Nominee Designate (Brenda K Tipton) and Vice Governor (Jerry Jackson),  The Governor works with these leaders to create a strong leadership team that has continuity and most importantly, growth in new ideas and ways of doing so that your District stays strong. 
Leadership teams for the next District Rotary year start "full throttle" preparations in the January prior to taking their new leadership position in july.
The District Governor Elect and their team are responsible for PETS (President Elect Training) Orientations and are the leaders at the March 14-16th PETS in Kalamazoo.  They also conduct the Club leadership training in April. 
District Governor Elect Sparky's formula for the 2019-2020 year is to start now:
Get your Calendar set for the year
Prepare you Budget for the year
Build you Team for the year
As Rotary Connects the World in 2019-2020, it is your opportunity to Connect with all our District Clubs, feast from the Rotary smorgasbord and have fun all while doing good in our communities. Let's put your thumb print on your Rotary journey and share your passions with others!