One evening, as the restaurant was closing and we were leaving, a young man (probably kitchen staff) wished us a good evening.  He was wearing this T-Shirt and it struck us both as pretty profound. 
There are so many concepts / ideas / nuances that come with being a Rotarian, that, even though someone explains it to us, we can't understand it fully. 
Example:  At a District Conference in Mackinac (PDG Gilmore's), one of my heros, (Mary Beth Selene Growney) was speaking.  After her talk I went up to her, and asked "How did you get to the level you are at in Rotary?"  She said, "Rotary leaders would ask if I could help with some project and I just said YES!, and then I got to work and did it."
She explained it to me, but I didn't understand it at that point.  This was May, 2014 and I was a Assistant Governor to be.  Only by attempting to follow Mary Beth's example did I start to understand what she meant by that.
Our leadership teams attempt to explain what we as Rotarians need to do to have success with our clubs and projects.  Until we say "YES!" and give it our best we will struggle to understand the depth and width of this amazing thing called Rotary.
Our District Governor Elect, "Sparky" is charged with taking President Elect Mark Maloney's message of "Change and Connecting" to all of you in the district, just as I am charged with taking President Rassin's "Be the Inspiration" to you this Rotary year.
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