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District 6380 has a Twitter account at

How does Twitter work for rotary6380?

First, many organization and individuals publish notes (tweet) on a regular basis on a particular subject. Rotary6380 “follows” them and reads these notes. If rotary6380 believes the notes might be of interest to Rotary 6380 members, we retweet them to our rotary6380 Twitter account.
Now if you “follow” Rotary6380 on Twitter, you will see those notes. Remember these notes have been filtered from the thousands of notes written by organizations and individuals on subjects that we believe you will be interested in.
The due date for District Grant applications this year is October 1st. Completed applications are to be sent by email with a copy to Janet McPeek and Donald Chisholm.
Application form is available in Download Files.  

This is the actual table where the very first Rotary meeting took place.  After the first meeting, they "rotated" between their offices.  Amazing how such a humble table could be the foundation of our incredible organization, which we hold so dearly today.
Whatever your Rotary dream, pull up a chair with your Rotary friends, and anything is possible! Click on "Read more" below or the title above for details.  
Save the Date for another Rotary Day. Please share with your clubs and your interact clubs.

Guests are welcome so feel free to bring family, friends, and business associates to this great event. Click on "Read more" below or the title above for details.

Click on END POLIO NOW for more details about polio. This capability is brought to you courtesy of Philippe Lamoise of District 5340 of Southern California. Thank you, Philippe.


Local events that may be of interest to Rotarians in other clubs can be publicized via this Home page article.  Please click on the appropriate articles that are of interest to you.


The visit schedule has been published for district Rotarians only. District 6380 members must login first. Look under Site Pages on the left and click on the appropriate file, and then under the list Files click on the schedule.

The District newsletter for July 2015 is available.


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