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This month, the June 2016 newsletter is too large to be sent out as an attachment to this email. So, please log into the district website www.rotary6380.org and select the headline story about the June 2016 newsletter. Since this month’s newsletter is only a little bit too large, the newsletter editor and planner will be notified to keep future newsletters within the allowed limits, rather than re-doing this newsletter.
Several events and activities of local clubs that may be of interest to other district members have descriptive flyers within the newsletter. Rather than repeating them in the headline story entitled Local Club Events, please read the newsletter and copy the appropriate events from there for your interest.

District 6380 has found another way to stay informed and benefit from dedicated conversation.
We'll be holding a 15-minute call every Tuesday at 4:45PM ET. 
The "Tuesday Calls" will engage four groups of Rotarians on a monthly conference call.  The Presidents are asked to attend on the first Tuesday of the month.  The Assistant Governors will join the call on the second Tuesday.  Members of the Executive Committee will be on the conference call on the third Tuesday of the month and the Governor string will have their call on the fourth Tuesday.
These are not "official" conversations, just a chance to improve engagement and get more from Rotary.
We don't, for example, expect all AGs to be on the second Tuesday call every month. 
The District Governor will not be on every Tuesday call.    :-)

The Tuesday Calls concept is designed to:
  • Create a "flash forum" for encouragement and recognition
  • Increase the frequency of quality conversation
  • Keep our most important initiatives top-of-mind
  • Spawn in depth dialog among our various committees and leadership
  • Allow more frequent Q&A with top leadership
  • Increase engagement at the District level
  • Generate ideas

90% of the info shared on the Tues calls will be available in email campaigns, FB posts and ClubRunner updates as we start to develop an overlapping communication strategy.  
Public Image Chair, Alysson Storey, has been asked to be the spokesperson for the District and coordinate reach-out. 

The  conference call line is 605-475-4000.  Use access code 686134#.  This info is also in the signature file of all my emails.  Please mark your calendar for these recurring events and I’ll talk with you soon!
All good ideas welcome, as always!


Local events that may be of interest to Rotarians in other clubs & non-Rotarians can be publicized via this Home page story.  Please click on the appropriate articles that are of interest to you. Several club events are listedin the current newsletter.  Please refer there to find an event of interest to you.

  • Contact support to have your club events added here
The complete list of grants awarded is available to view in the Download Files section on the left of the home page.  These awards were announced at the Foundation Gala on Saturday night November 7th. Quick link to Award List

Click on END POLIO NOW for more details about polio. This capability is brought to you courtesy of Philippe Lamoise of District 5340 of Southern California. Thank you, Philippe.

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