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Today, 65 million people are displaced by armed conflict or persecution.  Through our partnerships with several universities, Rotary Peace Fellows develop the skills to strengthen peace efforts, train local leaders to prevent and mediate conflict, and support long-term peace building in areas affected by conflict.  We provide up to 100 peace fellowships per year at Rotary Peace Centers.
Our Past District Governor, Virginia Nordby, was very instrumental in making these Peace Centers a reality.  She was our District Governor in 1995-1996, one of 8 women in the world to assume that role.
Rotary will celebrate its 111th Anniversary this February 23rd.  How do we help Rotary keep racking up the anniversaries?  It is all about membership – growth and engagement.  Opening up the opportunity of Service and Impact for those seeking to make a difference locally or globally.  Rotary is not a one size fits all.  Alternate meeting times and days for those who need flexibility.  Extend your Rotary Family like we welcome new friends.  Rotary needs more hands to create a better world.  Clubs should be networks for Doing Good in the World.
What if someone had not taken the initiative to invite you to Rotary?  What experiences and fond memories would you of missed out on?   Share Rotary with others so they can have their own precious memories.  Now is the time to Get our ASK in Gear so Rotary can keep on celebrating for many more years to come. 
“Be the Inspiration” that draws others to this incredible organization we call ROTARY.
 Gleaners Food Bank - Brighton  Shop with a Hero - Chatham
Major Donors - Mary Ann Reidinger & Russ Shelton - Rochester
               "United We Walk” event,  West Bloomfield Interact
                    VOSH Multi District Eye Mission - Kenya
February 13th, 2019 Troy Rotary
February 23rd, 2019 - Livingston Sunrise Rotary
February 24th, 2019 Troy Rotary
March 15th, 2019 - Birmingham Rotary
April 6th, 2019 Satellite Club of Brighton Sunset
April 13th, 2019 Dexter Rotary
May 17th, 2019 Mt. Clemens Rotary
         Clarkston Rotary - Float for Sale - Best Offer
                       Contact Mary Sloan - President
          Donate Your Gift Cards to The Rotary Foundation
                          Ann Arbor West (Vineet Kataial)
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